Simplifying risk and safety management

July 4, 2019
Author: Ryan Kellen
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Welcome to my first blog! One of many I hope will support business owners, not-for-profits and individuals to navigate the world of risk and safety management in easy-to-digest, and engaging ways. But first, I thought I’d share a little bit about the journey that got me here in the first place, you know, that self-intro stuff? And offer a short-story that will help you to get to know the guy behind Simplifyrisk.

Background of Simplifying risk and safety management

I have been very fortunate to hold a diversity of risk and safety roles over the years. From private enterprise, not-for-profit, management consulting, and government roles through to overseeing risk for two of Australia’s biggest events, the Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix. After 15 years working across a range of industries and clients, organisations and communities, two things jumped out at me. One, the importance of engaging your people to inform your risk and safety strategies, and two, just how much the game changes when we work together to co-design the priorities, programs, tools to focus on the things that matter most. But this learning didn’t come overnight, it was a long windy path witnessing the impacts of high-level complex language, an overload of mixed information available, confusing legislation, and limited time and capacity of managers and organisations to fully engage with their staff on risk management, safety management practices that best suit their needs.

The need of Simplifying risk and safety management

A number of consistent themes started to show up for many organisations who were engaging me to work with them on risk and safety, namely:

  • They didn’t know where to start and were a little lost in the amount of information available;
  • They struggled with engagement and inclusion of staff and management teams; and/or
  • They became overwhelmed and lost in the complexity of what was required, achievable and appropriate for the organisation.

As my experience and awareness of these consistent challenges grew, so did my passion for cutting through the unnecessary confusion and co-designing approaches that build confidence and capacity, are appropriate and achievable for the organisation and actually led to results. Risk and Safety Management So, in 2019, I set up Simplifyrisk to do just that, to help organisations simplify the complexities of risk and safety management. The business is designed to offer a handful of highly effective approaches that are low-touch, non-invasive and have high impact. I know they work because I have designed and tested them over the years. I also wanted to be completely accessible and affordable to start-up, small-medium businesses and not-for-profits, those I have seen impacted the most by these challenges. So here we are with the launch of a new business, offering an approach and services that I hope you and your organisation find useful in the journey to managing risk, building capacity, enhancing your state of readiness and keeping people safe. If you are interested in finding out more or would like some insights on how others have found working with me, check out my testimonials page on my website or give me a call.