Risk Consultant and Bespoke Consulting Services

Risk Consultant and Bespoke Consulting Services

As risk consultants we take the time to understand your needs

Risk and safety management can be confusing and sometimes complex. This can make it difficult to know where to start and what to focus on. Engaging an experienced risk consultant, getting clarity on your priorities and establishing a plan is a great starting point to future-proof your business.

We provide bespoke risk consulting services to deliver on your needs

We are experienced risk consultants and our approach is to work with you to understand your challenges and needs, establish priorities and develop an approach that is engaging, achievable and aligned to your capacity.

Recent consulting projects and services

Considering all of the moving parts that relate to risk and safety management, it is not possible to list everything that we have the capacity and capability to deliver, every client has different needs and objectives so we will always tailor our approach to deliver a fit for purpose solution.

Some of our recent bespoke risk consulting projects have included:

  • Outsourced risk and safety advisor to a Government entity
  • Workforce culture change program for a large fleet operator
  • Operational risk programs for remote cattle properties
  • Risk framework, appetite and systems development for peak governing sporting body
  • Independent safety review of properties and building sites
  • Development of project specific risk, safety and compliance documentation

Our background, approach and credibility

Simplifyrisk is an established management consultancy firm that specialises in building the capacity and capability of organisations, their people and stakeholders to effectively manage risk, safety and compliance.

By adopting a Business Partner approach, Simplifyrisk works with clients to establish and implement the required structures, systems and approaches that are appropriate to the organisation, strengthen and improve operations and address critical risk, safety and compliance requirements.

Ryan Kellen, Simplifyrisk’s founder and Principal Consultant has over 15 years’ experience in risk, safety and operations across a variety of industry sectors. Ryan is considered a specialist and subject matter expert in risk management, systems and operations, people risk, public safety, health and safety, emergency preparedness and readiness.

Having held key positions with a number of high-profile organisations including head of Risk & Safety for the Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix events, Ryan is well positioned to develop, implement and embed the required strategies, systems and structures crucial to improved and sustainable outcomes.

Ryan holds formal qualifications in risk management, occupational health and safety, emergency and disaster management, international relations, change management, training and assessment. His unique ability to simplify the complex, engage and influence stakeholders and adapt his approach is a point of difference that underpins his track record of achieving exceptional outcomes.

Leadership in risk, safety and management consulting

Simplifyrisk has worked with some of Australia’s most prominent organisations including the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Netball Australia and the Australian Red Cross.

Our ability to simplify the complex, facilitate change and tailor our approach to our clients’ needs is what we are known for and the reason our clients continue to engage us.

Our staff are seasoned risk management, health and safety and management consulting professionals having worked across a wide range of business sectors for over 15 years.

Sector experience includes:

  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Agribusiness
  • Major events and sports
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Marketing and entertainment
  • Not-for-profit and community
  • Telecommunications
  • Assets and facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Roads and infrastructure
  • Construction

We pride ourselves on being flexible, affordable and timely in what we deliver.

Get in touch to arrange your business risk profiling session

Contact Simplify risk on 0417 895 215 or email ryankellen@simplifyrisk.com.au to discuss our services in more detail or to arrange a readiness exercise.

More information and testimonials

If you would like more information, please get in touch. If you would like to see what other organisations have to say about working with the Simplifyrisk team, refer to our testimonials page https://simplifyrisk.com.au/client-testimonials/