Risk assessment and deep dive

Risk assessment and deep dive

Risk assessment and deep dive

A risk assessment deep dive will help target and improve specific areas of risk

A deep dive is an end to end review of a specific risk, priority, focus area or concern. The risk assessment goes beyond traditional surface level reviews and considers all the moving parts. Risk assessment deep dives are an essential way to better understand inhibitors and opportunities to improve your risk management strategy and practices.

We focus on the areas you identify as a priority or are most concerned about

We facilitate a risk assessment deep dive into the areas you are concerned about and unpack the multiple levels that underpin an effective risk control, process or practice. The risk assessment deep dive is targeted, engaging and goes beyond standard paper trails.

Why targeting a specific area of risk is important

There are many moving parts when it comes to risk management so it is important to establish a targeted approach. Priority risk focus areas are typically identified in your risk profile and should form part of your risk management strategy.

The next step is to target specific risks, concerns or vulnerabilities that require a thorough assessment or deep dive. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • There are often multiple layers that need to be unpacked and understood;
  • Staff need to be engaged to determine challenges and opportunities; and
  • Holistic approaches need to be designed to enable sustainable outcomes.

Taking the time to dig a bit deeper, engage staff and adopt a holistic approach will mean that strategies and controls intended to address specific areas of risk will be well informed, tailored and have greater traction.

Remember, staff engagement is a crucial part of the process

Engaging with your staff cannot be underestimated for any review or change program, yes it takes time and effort but the reward far outweighs the effort.

Risk management is intended to protect businesses and their people so it makes sense to include, engage and co-design strategies, controls and practices with the people they are intended to serve.

Staff will often have greater insights into challenges and opportunities, particularly those who are working in the areas that the deep dive is seeking to address or improve. Using staff insights, suggestions and ideas not only creates a positive connection with the process but increases the likelihood of success because staff are engaged and co-designed the outcome.

Our recent deep dive projects have assisted businesses target their pain points

We have assisted a number of businesses and Government departments with establishing targeted risk management strategies and programs as an outcome of the risk assessment deep dive.

Focus areas include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership and strategy
  • Workforce engagement and culture
  • Incident trend reversal
  • Fleet management and driver behaviour
  • Risk framework and appetite
  • Team direction and operating mode
  • Systems, processes and practice

Our approach to risk assessment and deep dive reviews

We facilitate risk assessment deep dives with business leaders, departments and workforce stakeholders. The process is simple and includes the following:

  1. Identify your needs and the scope of the deep dive
  2. Identify key stakeholders and relevant departments
  3. Identify and review the focus area and supporting processes and practices
  4. Facilitate diagnostic discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the inhibitors, challenges and opportunities
  5. Correlate the review with diagnostic discussions to inform a holistic approach

Achieving consistent and effective outcomes

The relatively simple and effective approach that we use means that a number of consistent outcomes are typically achieved, these include:

  • Risk areas, vulnerabilities or pain points are understood at a deeper level
  • Challenges, inhibitors and opportunities are identified
  • Stakeholders are engaged and included in the process
  • A targeted and holistic approach and plan is established
  • Implementation is progressive and aligned to the capacity of the business

Leadership in risk, safety and management consulting

Simplifyrisk has worked with some of Australia’s most prominent organisations including the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Netball Australia and the Australian Red Cross.

Our ability to simplify the complex, facilitate change and tailor our approach to our clients’ needs is what we are known for and the reason our clients continue to engage us.

Our staff are seasoned risk management, health and safety and management consulting professionals having worked across a wide range of business sectors for over 15 years.

Sector experience includes:

  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Agribusiness
  • Major events and sports
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Marketing and entertainment
  • Not-for-profit and community
  • Telecommunications
  • Assets and facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Roads and infrastructure
  • Construction

We pride ourselves on being flexible, affordable and timely in what we deliver.

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