Managing Director, The Path to Great Culture

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From our first interactions, Ryan was extremely quick to impress me.

He is a natural leader with years of cutting edge consulting experience. Completely adaptable, progressive and engaging he demonstrated value in so many different ways.

An impressive facilitator he could hold a room completely engrossed regardless of whether it was a small group or in the hundreds.

Innately warm and with a wonderful sense of humour, he has the patience of a saint and is able to resourcefully find ways to improve processes and performance.

He is walking representation of values like integrity, honesty, positivity and humanity. Never one to lead and facilitate with ego, he handled the most challenging risk management problems with minimum fuss and with a methodology built on efficiency.

I would trust and endorse Ryan to handle any issue for my business clients and the major organisations I support.


General Manager Operations Australian Grand Prix Corporation

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan over a number of years and in that time have observed an authentic and highly capable professional at work.

Ryan has a great depth of knowledge across all aspects of risk management, health and safety, compliance and sustainability spanning many years across a diverse range of industries.

Ryan has the unique trait that he can work across all levels of a business, large and small, and most importantly, he can make the complex seem straightforward and articulate his advice in a way that has real impact.

A highly skilled and engaging facilitator, Ryan has a great strength in collaborating to achieve exceptional outcomes, no matter the setting.

I believe Ryan’s success is underpinned by his strategic mindset and his practical application.

A pleasant, warm and motivating individual, I highly recommend Ryan’s services to any person or business seeking support and guidance in the areas of risk and safety management.


Co-Founder, Intrepid Landcare

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I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan since the inception of our not-for-profit in 2015. His simple, honest, cut through approach to risk and safety management, and natural ability to make this information accessible to the whole team is what we have appreciated most in Ryan’s approach. Ryan has helped our organisation embed risk and safety management into strategy and operations in a way that meets our needs and is achievable and practical. I highly recommend Ryan to any organisation looking to simplify what can be an overwhelming, time-consuming and complex task for emerging and existing businesses.

General Manager Marketing Australian Grand Prix Corporation

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Ryan is a master facilitator and has a unique talent for hosting non-invasive discussions and workshops that test assumptions, address gaps and provide a level of assurance that things are on track. He has assisted my team and I through an engaging and simple process to identify our team deliverables, vulnerabilities and actions needed to prepare for the Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix. This process of readiness testing remains an essential component to our event planning. Ryan is professional, structured in his approach and has the ability to extract the right information from any group. He is also a fun, outgoing and positive person which makes him fantastic to deal with.

Principal HSE Advisor, Broadspectrum

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I had the pleasure of working with Ryan on a number of occasions through the Australian Grand Prix Corporation. Ryan is transformational leader who inspires those around him to achieve their goals. Ryan not only empowers others, but also provides the support and guidance required to achieve the desired outcome. During the Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix events, Ryan’s team was often presented with complex challenges in a high risk and high profile environment, however, Ryan’s ability to maintain a calm, inclusive and pragmatic approach to risk and safety management made addressing these challenges a simple process. Ryan’s personable approach and practical nature will ensure that stakeholders are engaged, needs are understood and complexities are overcome and deliverables achieved.
Craig North

Managing Director, Indigenous Impact

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Ryan is a terrific facilitator of change and great at engaging teams in risk strategy and execution with culture as the centre piece of sustaining a positive impact.

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan where he facilitated the development and execution of a revised work health and safety strategy and system for our 14 remote agribusiness operations across Australia. Ryan is very professional and has a great quality of listening and understanding the needs of an organisation, corporately and operationally, getting everyone focussed on what matters most, producing a strategy that is practical and a plan where staff are clear on what good looks like in order to achieve that plan.

I would highly recommend Ryan for any engagements, either for private or public sector organisations, where they are looking for a change facilitator who underpins effective strategy and risk management with organisational culture.

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