Health and Safety Systems and Compliance Management

January 10, 2021
Author: Ryan Kellen
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A fleet risk management review will inform your improvement priorities: Fleet management remains one of the biggest challenges for organisations who operate growing or large vehicle fleets. The most common challenges for fleet owners and managers typically fall under three areas:

  1. Driver behaviour;
  2. Fleet incidents and related insurance costs; and
  3. Related fleet maintenance costs.

A fleet risk management review will assist fleet owners and managers with identifying the key underlying factors, vulnerabilities and priority focus areas to establish a fit for purpose improvement strategy. The benefits of conducting this risk review process include:

  • Identification of fleet risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities;
  • Engagement and inclusion of workforce stakeholders to establish priorities;
  • Establishment of strategies that are aligned to key risks and stakeholder needs; and
  • Implementation of targeted programs designed to influence improved driver behaviour, reverse incident trends and reduce insurance and maintenance costs.

How we conduct a fleet risk management review: Our risk review process has three fundamental steps to ensure that the outcomes are targeted and focus on the most important areas that will influence change and enable improvements to progressively occur. These are:

  1. Review of historical data to identify themes and trends;
  2. Conduct diagnostic discussions with a cross-section of management and employee stakeholders to identify challenges, needs and opportunities; and
  3. Consolidation of the review, diagnostic discussions and industry practices to establish a series of critical focus areas.

Our most recent fleet risk management review project: Over the past 6 months we have had the pleasure of working with D&D Traffic Management who are one of the largest and most prominent traffic management service providers in New South Wales. Like many other large fleet operators, D&D Traffic Management were experiencing a variety of challenges with driver behaviour, increasing insurance claims costs and related maintenance costs. Simplifyrisk was engaged to conduct a risk review of the existing fleet management arrangements including systems, maintenance arrangements, discussions with workforce stakeholders and incident data. This information was used to better understand the underlying factors contributing to these challenges and to identify critical focus areas that would inform an improvement strategy. The review and discussions with the workforce had a particular emphasis on fleet management and driver stakeholders. The consolidation of the information gathered during the review and discussions was used to inform a holistic strategy to improve fleet management over the next 12 months. The fleet improvement project strategic priorities can be summarised as:

  1. Promoting improved fleet practices through leadership
  2. Building a culture of engagement, innovation and inclusion
  3. Evolving our training capacity and workforce capability
  4. Improve performance through targeted programs and behavioural change
  5. Continuously test and improve our fleet management practices

Fleet improvement project outcomes: In the last 6 months we have implemented the following Initiatives:

  • Leadership engagement and communication plan;
  • Targeted driver behaviour communications campaigns;
  • New driver assessment structure capturing behaviour, experience and competency;
  • New driver targeted management and support focus and structure;
  • Driver positive performance and behavioural intervention program;
  • Improved preventative maintenance program; and
  • Improved training, competency and management support.

The strategy was purposely designed to be holistic in nature and to date we have seen the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in at-fault incidents;
  • Subsequence reduction in insurance claims costs; and
  • Reduced fleet asset downtime and maintenance costs.

About simplifyrisk: Simplifyrisk has worked with some of Australia’s most prominent organisations including the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Netball Australia and the Australian Red Cross. Our ability to simplify the complex, facilitate change and tailor our approach to our clients’ needs is what we are known for and the reason our clients continue to engage us. Our staff are seasoned risk management, health and safety and management consulting professionals having worked across a wide range of business sectors for over 15 years. Sector experience includes:

  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Agribusiness
  • Major events and sports
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Marketing and entertainment
  • Not-for-profit and community
  • Telecommunications
  • Assets and facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Roads and infrastructure
  • Construction

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